Ditchik & Ditchik, PLLC represents the full range of commercial and residential properties throughout New York City, and in Nassau and Westchester Counties. These include significant New York City hotels, office buildings, motion picture theaters, shopping centers and warehouses.  We also represent major residential cooperatives, condominiums and rental properties.

Services for our tax certiorari clients consist of overall management of tax assessments on their various properties, and begin with our annual reporting of tentative assessed values.  We prepare and file protest forms contesting assessments, develop and present claims for reduction at administrative hearings, negotiate pre-trial settlements with attorneys for the various municipalities and prosecute court proceedings at the trial and appellate stages.   Where appropriate and with client approval, we obtain the services of qualified real property appraisers and work closely with them in the preparation of their appraisals.  Following settlement or other disposition, we file and process refund claims.

We analyze assessments in light of operating figures, assessments of comparable properties and other relevant information, and we advise clients with respect to the merits of their claims.  To assist us in these analyses, we maintain several databases of information, including the tax assessments and other pertinent information for all commercial and residential properties in New York City, as well several others which are proprietary to the firm.   Our computer capabilities enable us to make statistical analyses of this information which assist us in developing and making presentations regarding claims of over-assessment.

We provide clients with other property tax related services.  These include assistance in projecting real estate taxes in conjunction with development and improvement of property, advice and representation in connection with benefits under the Industrial and Commercial Abatement Program (a real property tax abatement program for commercial properties); and assistance with other miscellaneous matters (including, in New York City, the annual Real Property Income and Expense filing).